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The Best Tattoo Artists in Austin

Meet The World-Class Black and Grey Tattoo Artists at Lost Edge

Lost Edge tattoo studio hires only the best black and grey tattoo artists and we train them in our own fine art process, with the superior tattoo ink and cutting-edge tools and techniques, based on years of experience in the industry tattooing thousands of clients at some of the best tattoo parlors in the world.

Each of our tattooers has trained with the top tattoo artists, painters, and other fine artists in multiple creative media across many tattoo styles.

They’ve undergone rigorous tattoo apprenticeships. They’ve attended hundreds of tattoo conventions and done dozens of guest spots. They’ve been trained in bloodborne pathogen prevention, how to prevent cross-contamination, and methods of rigorous sterilization techniques for their tattoo machines. And they’ve distilled the expertise of the masters they’ve worked with into their own tattoo art.

These artists will honor the vision you have for your tattoo and handle it with care and precision to extract the essence of your idea and merge it with Lost Edge’s unique blend of photorealism and surrealism.

100% custom designs. The best tattoo aftercare. Catering to art and tattoo lovers looking for something exceptional, whether it’s your first tattoo or your 50th.

Experience tattooing, elevated, with the best tattoo artists in Austin, based at innovative studio Lost Edge.

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Cory James - Founder & Owner

Cory James has been a tattooist for a dozen years with over 15,000 hours of tattooing experience and specializes in blackwork ink tattoo styles.

His artistic experience began in photography where he could capture people, nature, and reality in novel ways. He transitioned from taking photographs to bringing old photos back to life on the skin through portraiture tattoos with unparalleled fidelity to the source – one of the reasons many clients consider him the best portrait tattoo artist they’ve ever used.

Cory moved to Austin from Milwaukee in 2013 to immerse himself in a culture inspired by art and tattoos. This was one step among many taken to shake up and elevate his craft.

Today, he’s working to create the best tattoo shop in Austin and beyond, featuring cutting-edge care products from his own tattoo aftercare company, amenities and comforts unrivaled at even the best tattoo parlors.

He travels the world learning from masters of craft in various art forms, from tattooing to classical alla prima painting, while sharing his learnings on art production and business with other artists and creatives. Whether it’s a tattoo convention or a master-level drawing class or figure painting workshop, Cory lives to expand his art gallery and share his talent with the world while helping other creatives succeed in their craft. In 2014, Cory was recognized as one of the “best tattoo artists” in Austin, cementing Lost Edge as one of the premier tattoo studios in the city.

What Do Our Tattoo Artists Have in Common?


A Tatto Code of Honor

Our art and our process is about more than the creative process. We’ve turned the tattoo parlor experience itself into an art form, in part by only working with artists of character and integrity who strive to


Master the Process, Then Break Out of It

We believe a creative process enables creative flexibility. Lost Edge artists must all learn a rigorous process of discovery, ideation, taking body fit, digital design, collaboration and refinement, tattoo transfer paper usage, and freehand elaboration on a core design. No tattoo kits, no shortcuts. Once they nail down this process, they can deviate creatively, but we require that they understand how to create impeccable tattoos every time before they can make that call.


We’re Artists First

Lost Edge isn’t just one of the best tattoo shops for black and grey. We’re a full-fledged art studio outfitted for guest artists in various media.


No Scratchers

Even our apprentices are held to a high standard of quality. While getting a tattoo at our shop, you can trust that your artist has put in the time and earned their way to taking client work. An apprenticeship at Lost Edge is like training with Mr. Miyagi, starting from the fundamentals and building from there before getting in the ring. Apprentices learn digital tattoo design techniques, tattoo machine selection and maintenance.

Get Started on Your New Tattoo

Lost Edge is home to some of the finest black and grey realism tattoo artists near you. We strive to leave you proud of your new tattoo – feeling confident, empowered, and excited to display it for a lifetime.

Appointment only, no walk-ins