Guest Spots for Traveling Artists

Lost Edge is known for producing black and grey tattoos but we welcome all guest tattoo artists and fine artists to practice their unique craft in our private studio.

We’ve also cultivated one of the best tattoo shops in Austin – making it an excellent environment for anyone getting a tattoo, whether your clients are getting their first tattoo or a new tattoo to add to their collection.

No matter your medium or working style – whether you create traditional tattoos or defy tattoo conventions – the Lost Edge Tattoo Studio will adapt to your preferences.

Lost Edge also adheres to all health department rules and regulations so that you can practice your artistry without worrying about contamination – Infection control and sterilization of all tattoo machines is our highest priority. We use the latest tattoo technology and have been certified in bloodborne pathogens and airborne pathogens along with the latest sanitation procedures. Our shop is professionally cleaned and sterilized every single week and our staff clean the shop daily.

Guest Spots for Tattoo Artists are Now Open

Enjoy creative camaraderie and a quiet space where you can focus, relax, and create with everything you need. Come fill a guest spot at Lost Edge for the ultimate tailored guest artist experience.