Cory James

Tattoo Artist

Owner & Founder of Lost Edge

Cory James Tattoo Artist Lost Edge Tattoo Studio Austin Texas

Cory James has been a tattoo artist for 10+ years with over 20,000 hours of tattooing experience and specializes in black and grey ink hyperrealism, photorealism, and surrealism.

His artistic approach takes your juxtaposed ideas, interprets them through timeless techniques and high-concept art and creates a cohesive idea that fits the contours of the body and completes a legendary story that will last the test of time.

His training is taking inspiration from fine artists from professors at Art Center University; The Rome Workshops, Barcelona Academy of Fine Art and workshops around the world. These efforts elevate his creations into seamless stories … from light to dark, demonstrating mindsets drawing from human nature for inspiration. Mythology and philosophy. This is why clients consider him the best tattoo artist they’ve ever used.

Cory’s lifelong dedication is all in effort to provide trust and peace of mind for his clients to create large-scale tattoo works in a comfortable setting.

If Cory James Was Your Tattoo Artist…

He would work with you to turn your vision into an intricate piece of art to adorn your body that you’ll be proud to display wherever you go. Cory’s laid back, relaxed, down-to-earth personality and the constructive atmosphere he cultivates at his tattoo shop helps make getting a tattoo feel comfortable – even if this is your first tattoo – putting you at ease while inviting you into the creative process.

Cory is inspired by the ethos of martial arts like Jiu-Jitsu, where fellow students, teachers, and opponents alike are shown respect and treated as an opportunity for learning. By aligning his creative momentum with yours, you propel each other to higher levels of attainment.

All Cory asks is for you to bring him an idea, a concept, an emotion, or a story that together you can distill down to a breathtaking custom tattoo that remains a lasting expression of the meaning it holds for you.

Book an Appointment to Get Tattooed by Cory James

Cory James is one of the best black and grey tattoo artists you’ll find in Austin (or anywhere else) who genuinely cares for his clients. If you want to collaborate with him to create a remarkable piece of fine art, he’s ready to discuss your vision.

Appointment only, no walk-ins